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The Naked Sheep Knit Shop

About the naked sheep knit shop

Thanks for your interest and patronage of The Naked Sheep Knit Shop!

Opening a yarn store was a dream of mine for over two decades. After teaching and working in several yarn stores, and planning for years; we opened our doors in July of 2005. We are committed to creating a fun, friendly place where everyone can come to learn, meet friends, and of course... knit. We love sharing this special craft with beginners and welcome you to come in and learn what makes knitting so gratifying and special.

The Naked Sheep is... your place to knit!

Hope to see you soon,
Cheri Clark
Queen of Everything

The Knit Wits at your service!

We have spanned the globe to bring you the friendliest fiber fanatics and knowledgeable knitting know-it-alls in the world! (or at least the NorthWest) Stop in and meet the friendly team at the Naked Sheep. We'll be more than happy to help you find exactly what you're looking for, answer questions, and get you started clicking sticks.

Cheri Queen of Everything

Cheri Clark is a native Oregonian who loves the cool weather and rain of the Northwest. Her favorite seasons are fall and winter; perfect sweater weather! Cheri is a self-taught knitter that has been cranking out hats, sweaters and purses since 1984! To say that knitting is Cheri's passion is an understatement. She knits all the time, everywhere. Cheri says, "If I can't knit there, it's probably somewhere I don't want to be!"

Brad VP of Everything

Bradley Jay Clark is an artist, author, speaker and storyteller. He designed and created The Naked Sheep logo, the original Portland Yarn Crawl logo, and is the VP of Marketing, Promotions and Public Relations at the shop. He recently wrote, illustrated and published his first book:
There's Only One You!
He's been drawing and painting all his life.

Nikki Web Guru

Nikki Richardson is the keeper of The Naked Sheep’s website. She is a native Wisconsinsite and die-hard Packer fan. Nikki is a lover of finishing projects and usually only has 2 or 3 things in the works at any given time. She is the self-proclaimed Tightest Knitter in the Pacific Northwest, being able to cram an unprecedented amount of stitches in any given inch.

Riley Shop Dog, Top Dog, Sheep Dog

He was a full size Doberman-Rottweiler mix, but fell into the washer and was felted to the size of a Chihuahua. Riley is the official greeter, snuggler and crumb catcher at The Naked Sheep Knit Shop. He has over two dozen sweaters. He was born June 23, 2003; and holds a SALE at the shop each year on his Birthday. He can "stay" and "pray"; and hates wheels of all kinds. Come into the shop and say, "Hi". But be warned, he can be ornery; and only close friends can get away with touching his head or face. Grrrrrrrr