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Winter Class Schedule

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Our Winter Class Schedule has been posted and the instructors at The Naked Sheep Knit Shop are ready! Class size is limited so sign up before we run out of room! You can call or come in to the shop to register.

Getting Started

This is all new to you.

The Next Step

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Off & Running

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All Levels

Something for everyone.

The Fine Print

Classes must be paid for at the time of registration. You can withdraw from a class at least 7 days before the class begins; you’ll receive store credit toward another class. Unless otherwise noted, materials are not included in class fee. There is a material’s list for each class.

The Really Fine Print

Knitting contains 0 carbs, calories or fat. Check with your doctor before you begin a serious exercise program. Knitting has few dangerous side effects; but has been the cause of isolated mini-riots in certain California-based adult assisted living communities. Knitting can be habit forming and has been found to be addictive for certain individuals. If you have knitting sessions that last over 4 hours, consult your doctor; or local fiber specialist immediately. Classes greatly increase skill. Knitting is for entertainment only and should not be utilized for investment purposes. Knit Responsibly. Don’t Knit and Drive. Unattended children will be given a flock of sheep and a tranquilizer gun. No sheep were hurt, sheared, or un-dressed in the making of this web site.