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The Naked Sheep Knit Shop

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I made my first trip into your shop yesterday and I'm sure it will be the first of many. The shop is beautiful and very inspiring, but, most of all, you were very kind and helpful. I have always been a little nervous about asking for help in shops - a lot of times I get the impression that I'm "bothering" the people who work there - but I didn't get that feeling from you.

...You did a great job while I was there -- I can't wait to come back!

Camas, WA

I wanted to let you know that while I was in Oregon I visited numerous yarn shops. By far your shop was the friendliest and that is why I purchased all 3 of my new projects from you. The other shops I went to were rather uppity or snobby, and not much fun to shop at, although they were beautiful shops.

Being from Iowa, we base where we will shop by how friendly the customer service agent is going to be. So I guess that you have won that hands down. Keep it up, and I look forward to shopping with you again.

Thanks for your help,

My favorite knitting hangout. Cheri not only has knitting supplies and yarn for sale, but has a great place to hang out, socialize, get advice for knitting problems and generally have a good time with friends. Thursday night open Knit Nite is a great way to become introduced to the wonderful world of knitting.


In the last few years, new knitting shops have been springing up all over town. I am a yarn addict and have been to them all. I have however, had universally helpful, friendly service at only one shop, The Naked Sheep! Luckily for me, The Naked Sheep is also my closest LYS (local yarn shop). I can walk, bike or walk from home or get off the MAX on my way home from work. In the past, most craft and knitting shops seem to have been relegated to the suburbs. Not anymore thanks to Cheri and Brad, The Naked Sheep has come to urban North Portland. The shop itself is cozy with lots of natural and artificial light and cozy couches to make knitting socially workable. Thursday knit nights are a blast with people spinning, eating, knitting and socializing.

The selection of yarn and patterns is fantastic and the competent knitterly staff is always willing to rescue me when I get into trouble. I cannot say enough about this wonderful little gem of a shop in our neighborhood; so if you haven't visited yet, don't be a stranger!


The ladies here are the best. I don't get over here often enough. They have an amazing selection, excellent service and the people are some of the nicest you can find.

Vancouver, WA

I like that you have your yarn in order of weight. I like all the help and advise. The shop is easy to navigate with not too much jammed all together.


Great service. I feel like I can ask even the most dumb question and I'll get an answer without an attitude!


LOVE the shop. I'm a 10+ years knitter and been to shops all over the country and I have to say the N.S. is one of the friendliest and fun-est shops. The regular group is warm and eccclectic. The conversation is varied - funny, educational, raunchy, heartbreaking and uplifting. All while knitting!!! I am, once again, fascinated by the people who knit at the shop, their stories, their projects and their hearts. LOVE IT!!! It is the atmosphere the Cheri, the owner, cultivates.


I decided to teach myself to knit with a kit from CostCo over a vacation. Needless to say, that didn't work so well. Living in the neighborhood, I went in and talked to Cheri, and got signed up for a learn to knit class. That was January 2007, and I've been a knitting fool ever since.

Friendly and knowledgeable, a large selection clearly labeled with easy to understand logic, and just two blocks away, how can I go wrong? I would recommend them to anyone with a knitting bug.

Shane S.

It didn't take long for me to consider the Naked Sheep my own personal preferred LYS. Cheri is great - helpful, knowledgeable, and passionate about knitting. There is a great yarn selection covering a wide array of fibers, colors, textures, and weights, not to mention plenty of notions, needles, hooks, and books. There are even classes and knit nights!


This is the friendliest and most consistent yarn store in Portland. They have a great yarn selection, good prices and a cozy environment. The staff is friendly and helpful.


Friendly, clean & tidy and I love the way the yarn is organized. I have never seen another yarn shop with such a system. Ewe have the best one!


It is easy to get to, either from work or home. I also like the back class area. The layout of the shop is really good. I love seeing the yarn knitted up. It really makes it easier to see if the yarn will work for a project.


I love the friendly service and that I can come in with my knitting problems. The staff are all Queens of Knit-Knowledge!