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There's Only One You!

A colorful fun book encouraging kids of all ages to embrace their uniqueness and do what they love!

For young children, this book is a reminder that they're Special, Unique, and One of a Kind! For older kids, and adults, it's a reminder to do what you love, and practice whatever you're passionate about. Get going and start doing your thing...whether it's writing, or dancing, or learning to sing.

Everyone is special and amazing! Life is precious and we only have one life to live. This is an upbeat way to encourage people to make the most of their lives, do what they love, and be uniquely themselves!

This book delivers an important clear message through a fun, rhyming story... There's Only One You! We need what you've got, and we need what you'll do! You're the only one who can do what you'll do. You are here for something great! Now get busy and start doing it!

This full color, 9 x 10 inch, 32 page hardcover book encourages kids of all ages to be happy with who they are and to embrace their unique traits and talents. It's a declaration that everyone is special and unique; and a reminder that they need to focus, get busy and develop their interests and talents. It may take time and effort and practice, but you need to do whatever it is you want to do. Because... There's Only One You!

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